Things to learn more about the free background check.

No provider offers you free background check services. However, there are few methods involved if you want to perform it for free by yourself.

The steps involve,

  1. Doing a basic search on google about the person you want to search. You need to acquire a permit before doing a background check on a person if it’s related to employment.
  2. Having said that, for other cases like if the check is made for tenants, neighbors, family members, or relatives to know personal information you may not require permission.
  3. Start with the best search engine, using the person’s name and narrow down your results by giving additional information like his/her education details, place of birth, birth date, etc.,
  4. Searching on the search engine may also provide you with the results from social media platforms, which helps to narrow it down even more. However, if the person has set their profile privately,, you may not find them on your search.
  5. The above steps will help you to find the basic information only. If you want to know more about the criminal and other related information, perform a search on the official state/government websites.
  6. These days the law enforcement agencies have their records digitally and they are made public. Therefore it will be easy to find if the person is involved in any criminal activity.

Pros and cons of free background checks:

  • The pro is that you need not spend much penny to do these searches.
  • You will get to know more info about the person and the databases available.
  • The cons are you need to invest a lot of your time in the process.
  • The results that you will get may be limited. Because some of the records are fetched from the state database. So if the person you are looking for has committed an offense in some other state, it might not come to your attention.
  • Remember your personalized search does not have the feasibility of interlinking state and country databases and they don’t perform an inclusive search.

Reasons why the background checks are failed

Why do you need a paid background check sites?

The cons of the free background checks are the reasons that you should look for these sites that offer paid services.

They are easy and less time-consuming.

Some of the results are instant.

They do a comprehensive check.

A penny that is spent is worth gaining. You need to spend a little if you need an authentic result.


Hope the above information helps you to learn more about why you need background check sites than performing free background checks.

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