Top-Notch Features to Look Before Buying EHS Software
Xenophon Posted on 9:52 am

Top-Notch Features to Look Before Buying EHS Software

Choosing the right (EHS) management system for health and safety is a big decision that affects your employees and the environment’s safety, as well as your compliance with regulations and your budget.

The options are evolving, so it’s challenging to keep up with the choices, make decisions, and feel confident that your investment can fulfill your market needs now and in the future. When you start implementing the framework you’ve chosen, you’ll face a new set of challenges. Well, if you don’t have time for research, you can go ahead and pick Safety Evolved. But if you have ample time, the following are the key features you can look for while choosing an EHS solution for your business.

1. Inspections and Audits

Any EHS solution’s first and perhaps most significant feature is to tell you what’s going on at your facilities right now. You must be aware of the potential problems or weaknesses in the safety and compliance program and what is working, and what needs to be addressed. EHS tools should make this step easier to ensure that it happens a) daily and b) thoroughly every time. 

Top-Notch Features to Look Before Buying EHS Software

2. Corrective and Preventive Actions

When you’ve done an audit or inspection, you’ll need to assign corrective actions or address the issues you found. Ideally, you’ll also be able to take proactive measures to address future problems before they become worse. Through automating workflows, appointing people to take corrective and preventative steps, prioritizing tasks, submitting alerts, and recording the outcomes of actions, the best EHS tech systems make this aspect a breeze.

3. Training

Many EHS solutions come short in this respect. There are only a few options on the market that provide extensive, high-quality EHS preparation. As a result, many companies must use both an EHS management solution and a learning management system (LMS), giving workers a disjointed experience. Information is stored in two systems that are often out of sync with one another.

4. Document Management

More than just tracking and storing incident records and audit reports, a good EHS software solution does a lot more. It holds all EHS records, including policies, handbooks, how-tos, legal documents, the organization’s written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), protection committee meeting minutes, and so on. The program you use can assist you with keeping your employees updated and ready for something.

5. Compliance and Recordkeeping

OSHA and other regulatory agencies need to know your audits and inspections, corrective and protective measures, and incident response. A successful EHS software solution will contain all of your health and safety records and help you maintain compliance, produce reports, and respond to regulators’ queries.

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