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The Basics of Different Men’s Underwear Styles

You can be certain that there is a different variety and style of men’s underwear for every special occasion or activity. You can find them at Daily Jocks.

Most men have a couple of briefs which can be used every day. It has a range of rises and designs that are meant for light sports and hanging out. These briefs can cover the entire package along with the buttocks. These don’t cover the thighs and legs, but they also don’t cause constraints. They can be comfortable to wear no matter what you have over them. Briefs can come in low-, medium-, and high-rise cuts that can put an accent on the entire profile and backside.

Briefs are only one of the many types of men’s underwear. Here are some others that are equally fabulous.

Boxer Shorts

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This style of men’s underwear was popular once in the 1920s. This is starting to come back in the underwear fashion scene. The style of boxer shorts today was invented by Jacob Golomb. This style comes with an elastic waistband which allows your legs more freedom to move about. Before 1985, most men who wore boxer shorts were older men who were in the military. The best selling color of them all was white. Today, boxer shorts make up percent of the men’s underwear market in the US. Boxer shorts are normally made of a stiff type of fabric. It has a balloon seat with loose fabric at the buttocks area to accommodate it particularly when the one wearing it bends forward.


Jockstraps are commonly known as athletic supporters. You can find many of these at Daily Jocks. It comes with a posing pouch most commonly known as a jock that protects and supports the front but it goes without fabric on the backside. This type of underwear lifts the entire man’s package and sets it off the body, making it cooler and drier especially during heavy sports activity and when wearing cycling shorts and tight uniform. The classic style has a pouch inside its front and it can hold a cup, which is usually made of impact-resistant plastic. Some wearers put a cup inside their jockstrap to give extra protection when engaged in intense sports such as football or mixed martial arts.


G-strings are the bare minimum when it comes to men’s underwear. The G-string comes with a thin piece of fabric connecting the pouch and the waistband. The buttocks are completely exposed. These are worn by some men who like to wear tight-fitting jeans.


These are a popular option for men’s underwear. These are a cross between a brief and a boxer brief. It just doesn’t have the heap of fabric that you usually find in boxer briefs. These have a square-cut look with short legs.