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Basic requirements when you are transporting your pet

There are different rules and regulations in each country and state related to animal transport. You can find a lot of differences in the regulations of each transportation service. These regulations are placed for the betterment of humans, pets, and the environment. For example, if any pet moving company toronto transports the unhealthy pet along with other animals. Then there is the chance that all the other animals getting affected due to one unhealthy pet. So it becomes very important to know all the rules and regulations long before your travel time. There are few countries in which after the arrival of any animal, they have to be kept in quarantine for few days.


  • Comply with regulatory timeline: Before your pet travel, many prerequisites need to be done before the given time frame. For example, in Japan, if any animal has to arrive there should be a minimum of one eighty days between the rabies teat and the arrival date. Few countries may even ask for all the reports of vaccination and if any treatment has been done. If you do not have time to complete all the requirements then it is suggested that either you leave your pet at the pet service center or postpone your travel.
  • Take an appointment with a veterinarian: When you are planning a travel with your pet your pet must be hale and healthy. Many countries will ask for a veterinarian certificate. So take time and ask for the certificate from your veterinarian if your veterinarian is not accredited to give you the certificate then ask them if there is any other veterinarian who can provide you the certificate.
  • Share all the information with the veterinarian: The destination country will give you a form that needs to be signed by your veterinarian. So share all the required information with your veterinarian. Never ask your veterinarian to do illegal things like signing the form without checking your pet or ask them to provide wrong information in the form. Because it is a very serious crime and if they found the mistake, then there is a chance that the accreditation authority of the veterinarian will be cancelled.
  • Make arrangements for animal care in transit: The way we all need to pack things while travelling, in the same way, you need to pack, things for your pet. Such as water, food, and all other required things.


Hope this information will help you to meet all the regulations before you travel with your pet.

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