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Media mogul Ryan Kavanaugh films is not only a mere CEO and chairman. He started a strategy that Hollywood adopted. He was able to produce, distribute, or structure financing for many films. Some are not as popular as the others but all were great films. Here are some of his most popular films.


Charlie St. Cloud

This romantic fantasy drama film is about Charlie St. Cloud. He is a grieving young man who lost his younger brother, Sam. He took a job as caretaker of the cemetery where they buried his brother. Even after Sam’s death, Charlie was able to see his brother, meet with him to play catch and talk. A girl then comes into Charlie’s life and he has to choose. Should he keep the promise he made to Sam or go after the girl he loves? This film had four nominations. These include Best Performance by a Younger Actor and Best Male Performance.

Johnny English Reborn

The action comedy adventure film revolves around Johnny English, an accidental secret agent. He must stop a group of international assassins from killing a world leader. It is the only way to prevent global chaos. With his latest hi-tech gadgets, he unravels a web of conspiracy. He learns that it runs throughout the KGB, CIA, and even MI7. The film received four nominations including Blockbuster of the Year.

The Bourne Legacy

The film takes place six weeks after Jason Bourne escaped from Moscow. Aaron Cross is an operative belonging to a Defense Department Black Ops Program. The men behind Black Briar and Treadstone, which are also Black Ops, decided to shut down all ops. They wanted to make sure everyone involved in the mess disappeared. Cross manages to survive and seeks out the doctor who worked on him when he began. The film follows the two as they try to run away and survive.