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Xenophon Posted on 12:09 pm

Multiple ways for investing in bitcoins

The prices of services and goods have been increasing over time which is known as inflation. It will destroy the purchasing power of the money. Bitcoin was designed initially as a deflationary asset. The limited supply of bitcoin and the halving act is working as catalysts against inflation. Earlier people are investing in gold as an asset for protecting against inflation. For the past couple of years, people are finding bitcoin as the better alternative to the cash asset. Even the investors have started converting cash into bitcoin for protecting their finances against inflation.

investing in bitcoins

If you are looking for selling or buying bitcoins in India, then you can do that in the following ways:

Crypto Exchange:

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that will help you in selling and buying this digital currency like Ethereum, bitcoins, etc. It is not like the stock exchange, in crypto exchanges this is self-regulated, and they are operating 24*7 a year. You would be able to sell/buy fractional shares of bitcoins with the help of exchange. In India, exchanges are offering a minimum capital requirement of 100 rupees. But you can check the online rates of 1 BTC to INR. These exchanges are charging a very small fee and enabling these transactions.

P2P Transaction

Suppose when you are not interested in paying the transaction fee and making use of the corporate platform for facilitating the transactions, then you can choose the P2P mode of transaction for the purchase. Here the crypto platforms and exchanges are merely acting as the facilitators. They are finding the seller who is more interested in purchase and helping you in closing the transaction. This method seems to be more direct, but it is not very often sellers are using it. As more time is required in P2P transactions, but it is a very safe and secure way of transaction.