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Xenophon Posted on 7:22 am

Most updated ways to earn bitcoins

If you want to earn bitcoins, there are numerous ways to do so. But the most recent ones are by staking, Defi yield farming, and by collecting airdrops. Let us look at each one in detail.

  1. Staking: if you are looking to get some crypto coins that cannot be mined then you can earn them by validating. It can be done by proof of stake and proof of work. PoW needs users should do mining and confirm transactions using computational power. PoS system work by creating a new block that is chosen in a way that is deterministic based on the coin quantity that the user already holds. This is like a game of lottery. If you hold more coins and put in staking then there are higher chances of getting the transaction validated. If you already have many coins and want to increase the stock then it is a good way.earn bitcoins
  2. Defi Yield farming: it is popularly known as liquid mining or yield farming and it is a reward system similar to the bonds in the fiat market. But here we are concerned about decentralized finance. Here you can generate rewards by cryptocurrency lock up. If you lock your crypto funds and provide liquidity to the token of Defi then you will get interest and rewards. Based on the chosen project you can avail more tokens than your yield. The most prominent Defis in recent times is KNC i.e. Kyber Network, REN, Compound or COMP, and Ox or ZRX.
  3. Join airdrops: you can use airdrops to get the advantage of new emerging projects. Airdrop campaigns can help to get a basic level of notoriety and to start a community around the project they have. This way crypto enthusiasts are attracted towards the project and in return get some tokens too. They need to perform some specific tasks of the project to earn bitcoin.