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Here’s How You Should Take Care Of Your Feet – READ HERE

            An easy daily care routine that will help keep your feet’ skin, bones, and muscles working correctly is the best way to keep your feet safe. Here are tips for foot care that can be used every day, along with using products from www.onycosolve.ch.

Carry and Wear Good Shoes

Many aspects of foot protection may be impaired by wearing the wrong shoes. Your shoes must match first. Hammertoe, corn, embedded toenails, and general foot pain can be caused by shoes that fit too tightly. Excessively large shoes keep the heel from relaxing when you walk in the right place, causing blisters and calluses, swollen feet, and unnecessary wear of the foot. Even when they fit well, some shoes are bad for your feet. Often, wearing high heels can cause damage to the foot bones. They are perfect every once and a while, but for daily wear, you can find a comfortable pair of flat-soled sneakers.

Take the Stroll


Since walking puts stress on your feet, this could seem counterintuitive. The muscles in your feet are just like any other muscles — to remain healthy, they need exercise. You can not lift weights for your foot muscles, so the easiest way to exercise them is to take a stroll. It does not have to be a long walk, but it will keep those muscles firm and keep your tendons and ligaments healthy by taking one every day. That can prevent the arches from collapsing later in life.

Clean your feet every day

Even the most attentive and tidy person among us, now and then, skips washing his or her feet in the shower. This can be a pain. The health of your feet, however, is very critical. Most of your feet spend each day stuck inside a pair of shoes. All the moisture and sweat provide fertile ground for bacteria growth, and bacteria and fungi are even more hospitable in the spaces between your toes. You let the stuff accumulate from day to day when you do not wash your feet. This contributes to unpleasant foot odor — and consequently to fungal infections and other skin problems.


It seems that moisturizing your feet contradicts what others usually say about keeping your feet dry. Why would you apply more moisture? Areas of dry, cracked, or scaly skin can result from the wear and tear suffered by your feet every day. This issue could be significantly worse if you live in a wet, sunny environment and wear sandals frequently. Moisturize with Onycosolve ch to provide your feet with the utmost care it needs.