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Give Back, Look Back

Success is the place where we all want to be in the future. It is our drive to work and be determined in our everyday lives. Once we get the success that we desire, it will surely lead us to places that we have never dreamed of. We will already find contentment, joy, and peace because we already achieved the success that we only want in life. Its definition may be different among us, but once we get into this moment of our life, we can do anything and everything that we want already.

Give Back, Look Back

For some people who have reached their peak of success, they already forget their roots. Along the way, they are not aware they are losing themselves already. We have to understand that everything is temporary, even our success. That is why we have to give back, look back where we came from. In this way, we will find real joy and peace in life. Whatever we receive, we have to give more, most notably to those who are in need. In this way, we can make our life more meaningful.

One of the inspiring stories of success both in career and personal is Ryan Kavanaugh life. He is one of the successful people who already established his name and career. But as he goes further in his journey to success, he does not forget to look back and help people. In fact, he is an avid philanthropist who exerts effort and gives time to help people through charities. He is providing donations and fundraising efforts to provide the needs of people in their charity homes. Through his passion for helping, he was recognized as the sole winner of the “Hollywood Humanitarian Award” by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It just proves how he portrays volunteerism and compassion to the lives of people who need help and love.

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