Withdrawal Policy Of xtrade
Xenophon Posted on 9:48 am

All you need to know about xtrade

They are Cyprus based brokers who comply with all the treaties, rules and regulation as Cyprus is one of the countries like Spain in European union. It has one more branch which is in Italy and is registered with the Italian entity CONSOB, It is a simple fact that they pay on time, and it is expected that traders have somewhere a doubt that they will face problems when they want to withdraw their money. These concerns are natural before investing through a broker, but there were various surveys conducted from which it was proved that xtrade is a trustworthy broker, which will not create such problems.

xtrade charges

Why their services are admired?

  • The demo accounts provided to a trader in order to involve in market activities without investing real money.
  • they offer many options of carrying out various operations through which fxgiants reviews can have an idea of the actual market
  • they can negotiate with all the assets be it stocks, raw material, currencies, etc.
  • Apart from regulations, commissions and fees hold the most critical place.

They charges a minimum initial deposit of only 100 euro/dollars, and the fixed spread ranges from 4 to 6 pips and with a premium account, you can get a 2-5 range where the environment is better than the normal one. The payment methods offered by them are numerous. They are 40 in number, how huge is that and the minimum amount required USD 200.