August 17th, 2012 by Diana Peterfreund
Why I’m Not Talking About My Next Book

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking me about my next book. What is it, when is it coming out, etc. etc. And I want to say to each and every one of you: thank you SO MUCH. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you are interested, even excited, to read my next book. I’m excited for you to read it, too. I really love these characters and their world, and I hope you will, too.*

But I’m not saying any more about it at this time. I think I’ll be making all kinds of official announcements within the next few months (especially since I’ve just gotten a sneak peek at a cover!). The problem is, as I learned with For Darkness Shows the Stars, is that it’s not good for me to announce books online until I’ve got a finished product on my hands.

There are so many amazing things about the information age, and I feel so lucky sometimes to be working now. But there’s a downside, too. On the upside, I have so much more access to readers and other writers, even when they live on the other side of the world (ahem, Justine). On the downside, I have so much more access to critics and rumor mills that take statements out of context or even repeat outright mistakes as if they are gospel truth.

The other day, I started getting notifications from folks who were under the impression that For Darkness Shows the Stars is the first in a trilogy. I had no idea where that notion came from**, particularly since a) I only have one more book under contract with Harper, and we all know I’m not about to go down that killer unicorn path again, and 2) I’ve always said that For Darkness is that rare-as-a-unicorn thing in YA romance/dystopia: a stand-alone.

What I eventually found out had happened is that the book review site, Goodreads, has some kind of annoying rule to their classification system whereby if you link two entries together, it automatically makes them a series, with numbers. So someone had listed the prequel novella, “Among the Nameless Stars” on Goodreads, which automatically changed the For Darkness Shows the Stars listing to (I kid you not):

For Darkness Shows the Stars (For Darkness Shows the Stars, #1)”

Say that five times fast. It’s harder than “post-apocalyptic Persuasion,” which used to give my agent fits. (The prequel is listed as “Among the Nameless Stars (For Darkness Shows the Stars #0.5”.)

So when people were going to the FDSTS page on Goodreads, they were seeing that listing and coming to the admittedly obvious — though crazily wordy, amirite?*** — conclusion. Thankfully, someone fixed it for me after I ranted asked nicely on Twitter. But I do think that’s a really limited worldview on series that Goodreads takes.****

So yeah. Announce a book, and next thing you know, people are chatting about what it all means, Goodreads entries are formed, and people even give star ratings — star ratings, for a book that hasn’t been written yet! — and just general speculation that messes with my head, even if it’s of the positive, “I’m so excited for this” variety. So yeah, I definitely need darkroom periods, even if the books are already under contract. Which this is.

But I can tell you this (in answer to some of your questions):

  • It is not Killer Unicorns 3. (Sorry! I know, but hope springs eternal, right?)
  • It is, indeed, the “frockalicious” book I occasionally mention on my blog. It is not called that.
  • It is a YA, and will be out from Harper (Balzer+Bray) in fall of 2013.
  • I do not have a release date yet.
  • It is not based on a Jane Austen novel.
  • I will not be taking guesses in the comments.

So, cue the “Frockalicious” (Frockalicious #1) by Diana Peterfreund entry on Goodreads in 5,4,3,2,1…*****


* Mostly I love it. Occasionally I’m in revision hell and I seriously consider just killing them all off in a freak water buffalo stampede.
** Well, actually I do know where it came from. You can’t swing a stick in the YA section these days without smacking into a trilogy. But no, not a trilogy.
*** If I were writing a trilogy (NOT A TRILOGY), then I am sure I could come up with a better series title than that.
**** And it doesn’t always do that. No one calls “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” “A Perfect Day for Bananafish (Glass, #1)” or anything ridiculous like that. Or worse, “Franny and Zooey (A Perfect Day for Banana Fish, number 4 & 6)”. Can you imagine?
***** Except, don’t. Really. Because I totally taught Queenie to Hulk!SMASH this summer and she’s adorable and crazy good at it.

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2 comments to “Why I’m Not Talking About My Next Book”

  1. Kayt O
     · September 2nd, 2012 at 7:49 pm · Link

    Ah, that makes sense. I had wondered, actually, why I didn’t hear much about your coming book(s).

    Also, I just read For Darkness Shows the Stars, and not only was it just great, thank you for writing a great standalone. It was a pleasure to know that there would be no cliffhangers and no waiting or guessing, and just to be able to know that I can recommend and gift it to people without those complications.

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