October 6th, 2012 by Ken Scholes
Trailer Boy and the Full Time Writerdom, Week 1

Happy Saturday and Howdy Folks!

I’m writing you from my bike in the Den of Ken.  It’s in the wee hours and it actually IS Saturday but I’m going to be working today.

For those following me on Facebook, you’ll already know how I spent the bulk of my first week as a full time writer.   Driving the breadth of the continent in three days and three hours was quite an experience and the inner landscape of that journey was pretty impressive too.  Posts for another day.  But I vastly overestimated my ability to get anything done on the trip.  The over-stimulation of that much time in the car and the brain-weariness of driving got in the way of any work.  So that meant I had to hit the ground hard once I was able.

I spent yesterday cleaning my den out to a workable status and creating a prioritized plan for the rest of October.  It’s a work in progress that follows a tool I picked up from Stephen Covey’s First Things First.  I do one plan that integrates all of the aspects of my life, prioritizing items on my list based on getting to the important things before they become urgent and managing the important things that have become urgent.

Today I’ll actually be writing.  Tomorrow, too, as well as Monday.  I’ve got a story due that has vexed me for weeks but my drive across country helped me process some of that.  Next week, I have another short to write based on the roadtrip and have more to do in my den.  I’ve got it all on the list along with some practical things like getting prescriptions refilled before transitioning onto Jen’s medical insurance and planning a potential trip to L.A. later this month or early in November.  And at the end of the week, I head south to SF in SF with Jen.  We don’t get out much together without the kids and having a weekend together in San Francisco will be nice.

Oh, and copyedits for Requiem will be showing up soon, methinks.

And that’s the week in a nutshell and a sketch of the next.  Now I have some email to answer and then a story to leap into.

Trailer Boy out!


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