May 12th, 2012 by Ken Scholes
Theme Week:  Trailer Boy on Blogging

Howdy folks and Happy Saturday!

The second week of every month is theme week here at Genreality.Net and this month’s theme is blogging.

I have a blog that I used to use over at called Discombobulated Pensivity in the Doublewide of Life.  I’m sure to resurrect it once I’ve gotten a blog built into the website (which I’ve had an offer to help build here in WordPress and just haven’t finished sorting out the details) but it was getting hard to keep up with.  So I started relying heavily on Facebook as my primary tool for frequently connecting with readers online — along with my friends and family.  I like the way it works, though I’m not sure I’ll keep feeling that way once I’m pulled into the vortex that is Timeline.  Still, I’m a technophobe and FB is really user friendly.  But it has limitations — like a cap on friends — and I find myself every-so-often unexcited about their approach to privacy and the constant sense of having to police after my settings.

On Facebook, I try to post three to five status updates per day — some are links, some are photos, some are updates on book progress or what I’m doing.  And then I post longer “notes” sporadically.

And of course I blog here weekly on writing or the writer’s life.  That gives me a set day — Saturdays — and I found early on that it was far more manageable to have a weekly blog in the madness and pandemonium that is my life.

But there is so much more that I could do.  And I’m hoping as life settles down a bit and I move into the land of being full time, I can have a more impactful social media presence and strategy.  For now, I’m doing pretty bare-minimum work.

That’s the blogging I’m up to.   As for the blogs that I read:  Well, I scan my agent’s and editor’s blogs periodically.  And I scan most of my friends’ blogs even less than that unless there’s something specific going on that I want to check on — I’m just too busy.  My life BARELY lets me leverage the words I need, let alone read everything I’d like to read.  But I manage to read Jay Lake’s blog every day.  And I rob his link salad nearly daily for my own updates because he and I frequently land on the same side of most issues and he always, always finds interesting, cool stuff out there.

And that’s Trailer Boy on blogging.  Have a good Saturday.  Play nicely.


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