August 2nd, 2012 by HelenKay Dimon
The Real Benefit

Last week I attended the Romance Writers of America national conference. I actually missed posting here last Thursday because I couldn’t get a decent internet connection at the hotel – very sorry! Don’t you just love when you pay for internet service then can’t get on? Looking at you, Marriott. Oh, well. These things happen. Now I’m home and the internet is working fine here.

Being back has been interesting. The week so far has been a whirlwind of catching up, grumbling over a flat tire, beating back the exhaustion from last week, rushing to meet a deadline and saying a few not-so-pretty words when me kindle died. Despite all that, I’m invigorated. There’s something about standing in a room at a booksigning with hundreds of fellow authors or attending a huge awards ceremony that wipes away any thought of procrastination. Meeting editors and seeing friends, gawking like a fangirl over authors I adore and hearing industry gossip – it’s the perfect fuel for my writing mojo. Those four days jumpstarted story ideas and made me want to race to get the words on the page.

Some people aren’t RWA fans. I get that. Like with any group, there are folks who feel like they’re ignored and others who want everything to stay as it’s always been. Add to that RWA’s unique position in trying to answer to both published authors and unpublished writers -groups with two very different needs – and you hear some unhappy mumbling. I’m not an apologist for RWA, but there is no question the national conference is a huge benefit to me. I love seeing people and all that, but the real plus is how motivated I am when I get back home. That kick is worth the conference fee and hotel bill…and even having to put up with crappy internet service. Honestly, anything that makes me feel like I must write right now instead of doing anything else is priceless.

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