July 12th, 2012 by HelenKay Dimon
The Convention Circuit

The theme this week is about conferences and conventions. The introvert in me would prefer to skip everything, stay home and write. But, really, even introverts need to go outside now and then. There are cons – cost, travel, time away from writing and family – but there are many pros as well.

I attend different conferences for different reasons. I go to the Romance Writers of America conference almost every year. It’s an opportunity to see those people I usually only chat with via email, twitter DM and text messages during the rest of the year. I also get to meet up with my editors and agent, which is a huge bonus, and play reader fangirl when I see those authors I love. And with all those positives, I have one more: motivation. There is something about being around 2,000 other romance authors that spikes my motivation level. I come back ready to go and desperate to get the words on the page. That is priceless.

One thing I wish I could do more of is reader cons. The two I do with some regularity are the Romantic Times Convention and Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together. I love the energy of being with other romance reader fans (I’m one too!) and talking books. My only complaint is that there don’t seem to be that many reader events. I can’t imagine how hard it is to put one together, and anyone who tries has by respect, but I’d love to see more of them.

Then there’s a convention I go to purely as a spectator – Comic-Con. It’s in my hometown, which makes things simple. The problem usually comes in trying to snag a ticket. Comic-Con sells out fast and early. If you do make it inside, you’re treated to a mix of comic books, fiction, figurines, authors, actors, screenings, displays, goodies, talks and general people gawking. The scifi geek girl in me thinks it’s ridiculously fun. Having it in my backyard is just a bonus because I would travel to attend.

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