October 17th, 2012 by Charlene Teglia
Tao of cats for writers

Since the internet is for cats, a writer’s guide to wisdom. Or peace with cat hair.

1. The cat typing left on your screen is a gift. It’s a new word for your SF or fantasy novel.
2. The cat snoozing on your keyboard is also a gift. It means you should take a few minutes to imagine the scene you are about to write and what conflict your character faces that is equal to moving a sleeping cat.
3. The cat who drapes all over your arms, inhibiting typing, is a gift. Of warmth. You’ll be grateful in December.
4. The cat who sits on your red-ink-marked hard copy is a gift. You are being reminded to take time to think through how to make these changes smoothly. Also the size of the project is being hidden so you only have to think about the first step.
5. The cat who knocked your phone off the charger is a gift. You were not in a good frame of mind to talk to anybody what with the edits, the weights on your arms and the new SF word.
6. The yowling at your feet will be followed by claw pitons up your calf, breaking your concentration from the work to return you to the Now and the Meow. This is a gift. Sitting for too long in one position is bad for your muscles and your circulatory system.
7. The purring in your lap is a gift. Have your characters had any warm and soothing moments in their headlong rush through conflicts?
8. The cat walking on you in the middle of the night is a gift. You are now awake and able to write down the idea that just came to you.

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