August 28th, 2012 by Sasha White
Strange Thoughts

I’ve talked about this before, but it can’t be said enough. Mostly because I often have to remind myself….and this is a good way to do it. I’m talking about education. I’m one of those people who read the bio of an author if I like their work, and I’ve been reading a lot lately-and loving most of it. WHat I’ve been noticing is that most authors have a higher education of some kind. There’s the lawyers and Dr’s who turned writers, but there’s also those who took English Lit, or History or something, who have turned author. If they don’t mention their higher education, then chances are they’re married, and their bio states how when they’re not writing they enjoy spending time with their supportive spouse and kids and so on.

Well, I’m neither of those. I failed almost half my classes in my first year of Business Admin in College and never went back. I’ve never been married, or even in a long term relationship, and I like liveing alone. Something that sounds even worse….I couldn’t tell you what a noun/verb is if you help a gun to my head. Yet, I am a National Bestselling Author of erotic fiction.

It’s easy to read other authors bio’s and feel like I’m a sham, but I don’t because while I may not be book smart, I am very life smart. I may not be married or have experience long term relationships, but I have been in lust, and maybe even in love. I’ve travelled all over the world, and talked to people, and experienced life, and that is my education.

Plus, I love people. I love stories. I love combining the two, and digging deep and seeing what makes people do the things they do, and act the way they act. And I think that’s where my magic as a writer comes in. I believe character development is the heart and soul of every story. People can learn craft (and yes, I’m still working on that), but not everyone can learn how to find the heart of a story.

Strangely enough, I think it sounds easier to learn how to tell a story than to learn the actual technical craft aspects. I mean, A story is a beginning, middle and end, right? Yet after reading over 40 books in the last month (Yes, I’ve been on a reading binge) it’s easy to see that not every author gets that magic. Some of the self published ones I’ve read recently were more enjoyable than some of the big name best sellers that have been traditionally published, and that’s made me think…. they weren’t really better written, I just enjoyed them more because they had that raw magic element. They were unique stories with characters that weren’t perfect, and weren’t cliched.

Some writers can’t overlook a few typos or a grammatical error and just get into the story, and I agree if there are too many, it bothers me also, but for the most part, I’m okay with it. It made me glad that more and more people are going after their dreams of being an author, even if it means doing a lot more work by self-publishing.

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  1. A. McKay
     · August 28th, 2012 at 5:31 pm · Link

    So does that mean you read mine? cough….Gone Rogue….cough….

    I totally agree with you though. I have read some books that the person was very well educated and I couldn’t get past chapter 2. Then there were some selp published ones that I couldn’t put the book done. Same though goes reverse.

    Then there are these critics out there that say I didn’t like your book. I asked what they didn’t like and they become silent. At least one came out and said he liked the story line but it was very choppy. I then said choppy like it was an action movie type book. They say yes. I then ask what do you think my book had alot in it. (PS if it was a fan I wouldn’t ask them, but since it was my brother I took a sword and stabbed him.) This is the part that made me want to stabb him more, he said no one will buy it, I stick my tongue out and said we will see. I have now just sold over 400 copies which is really good for first time self publishing I think. I just am reaching a month in sales.

  2. Karen A Einsel
     · August 29th, 2012 at 1:36 pm · Link

    I started college when I was 40. I graduated with honors, even made the dean’s list, but I went to college because my ultimate goal was to open a board and care for the elderly. I took psychology. sociology, philosophy, health, nutrition. Did I take business classes? Nope! Did I take writing classes? Nope. In fact I never thought about being a writer until last year. I try to write my books the way I like other books written that I read. I want a beginning, a middle, and an end. I want a book that I can get lost in. One that will take me on some kind of adventure or to some other place. I don’t mind a few typos. I have one on the first page of one of my ebooks, but fixed it before I published the print version. But I have seen some with 10-15 typos on the first page and I can’t read them.


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