October 30th, 2010 by Ken Scholes
Shameless Self Promotion Moment Number Eighty-Two

So this weekend while many of my friends are off at the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio, I’m in Bend, Oregon, with my wife.  I’m wrapping up the last bits of my Antiphon tour with back-to-back appearances at Paulina Springs Books in Redmond and Sisters — both close to Bend.  Central Oregon is beautiful if you’ve never seen it.

I thought that today, I’d celebrate the publication of my second short story collection, Diving Mimes, Weeping Czars and Other Unusual Suspects, in the usual writerly way — by shameless self promotion.

So here’s a smattering of what’s inside — some of the stories that originally appeared on the internet and are still available for you to check out.  If you enjoy them, I hope you’ll consider picking up the collection.

The title comes from two longer pieces — novelettes — that bookend the collection.  “A Weeping Czar Beholds the Fallen Moon” (complete with art by Greg Manchess and an audio version narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal if you push the LISTEN option) first appeared on in February 2009.  It’s set in the same world as The Psalms of Isaak only much earlier in its history.  And the other, “Grail-Diving in Shangrilla With The World’s Last Mime,” — my paen to chaos theory and gonzo — first appeared on Subterranean Online in late 2008.

If you’re looking for Fortean romance, you can check out my first ever collaboration (with my best pal John “J.A.” Pitts, another Tor Boy.)  “There Once Was a Girl from Nantucket:  A Fortean Love Story” was published in 2006 in Fortean Bureau’s last issue.  Mr. Fort even makes an appearance in the tale. 

“The Second Gift Given,” from Clarkesworld’s Feburary 2009 issue is an older story that loosely connects up to my series The Psalms of Isaak.   And then, even older, my God-and-the-Devil-Walk -Into-a Bar-story, “On the Settling of Ancient Scores,” appeared back in 2006 at Son and Foe.

You can also check out some of my stranger stories — “The Night the Stars Sang Out My Name” (military SF, kinda) or “The Boy Who Could Bend And Fall” (what I did with the writing prompt “slinky” with a nod to Rachel Dryden for the dare.) 

And, since it’s nearly that Most Wonderful Time of Year, a story that I especially love — originally written for Shimmer as a Christmas gift to subscribers, “What Child is this I Ask the Midnight Clear.”

Okay, my wife and I are having our first weekend alone together without babies since they were first born.  So we’ve got some whooping it up to do and I’ve got some books to go sign.

(And I suspect I’ll throw in a song or two as well like I’ve been doing a bit more this tour.) 

So check out those little snacks from my collection, and again, if you want to own them in paper, pick it up from Fairwood Press today. 

Trailer Boy out!

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