September 15th, 2012 by Ken Scholes
Sasha’s Questions

Howdy Folks and Happy Saturday!

This week is theme week at Genreality and we’re all being interviewed by our co-blogger Sasha White.  Here’s my response to her questions.

1) Do you write every day? 5 days a week? Only on weekends?
It changes from project to project but if I’m drafting something — a novel or a novella or short story — I’m usually working on it every day until it’s done.  There are exceptions — difficult children, long days at the dayjob, etc — but I find it helpful to stay at it every day.
2) What comes first for you, usually. the character, or the story Idea?
That also changes from project to project but most of the time, it’s the character.  Sometimes it’s their problem or the place.  Other times, I come up with a clever title and go from there.
3) Do you/can you work on more than one project/idea at a time?
I can if I have enough time in the day.  Right now, I’m working full time in a dayjob and that limits my time.  Which usually translates into one project at a time.
4) Favorite mode of getting the words down…desktop, laptop, Alphasmart, pen and paper?
Oh, laptop absolutely.  I use it at a desk, in recliner, at restaurants or bars.  I like the portability of my office.
5) What do you feel is your biggest strength as a writer?
I think it’s character development but I’ve heard a lot of good things over the years about my economy of words — using fewer words to say more.
6) Do you have a Dream Project or idea thats sitting int he back of your mind that you hold there as a “someday I’ll write that” sort of thing?
I do.  Like Carrie, I have a bunch.  But there’s a particular property by a particular (long dead) author that I’m quite keen to work on.  And twice now in the last three years, it’s come my way.  Once in the opportunity to write the authorized sequel and a second time in an opportunity to adapt it (and continue the tales) in comic book form.  Neither opportunity has actually come to fruition but I continue to hold out hope.
Okay, that’s a wrap.  I hope you all have good weekends!
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