May 8th, 2012 by J.A. Pitts
If it’s Tuesday, this must be a blog post.


Blogs are a funny thing.  I feel like they’ve completely replaced the Dear Diary of generations gone by. Pretty much anyone over the age of has a blog of some sort, where they post their daily rambling about school, food, sports, sex, relationships, politics, religion, books, movies, music, cars, war, peace, rallies, government and business.  The list is really only limited to the imaginations of the blogger in question.

And sometimes, only that blogger has any idea what the hell they’re talking about.  I’ve read blogs that needed a secret decoder ring to understand the hidden meaning buried in the page after page of rambling text.  I’ve frequented blogs that are as short as a sentence per post and the meaning was much deeper than other who write volumes.

Blogging is an individual sport that, like most things, is completely and utterly a matter of taste.

My buddy Jay Lake can blog three thousand words a day on top of writing another twenty-five hundred words of prose, plus his regular email, day jobbery, etc.

I struggle to blog, frankly.  I’m an introvert who suffers from the notion that my daily goings on are probably too boring to be foisted upon the reading public.  I do blog, just infrequently and with great purpose.  I have to be moved by a topic on most cases, or I find myself bored with posting.

Funny thing is, when I’m guest blogging that totally flips for me.  I love guest blogging.  I feel like I’m funnier, more salient and generally enjoy the experience.  I have deadlines, I know when I’m supposed to write something and frequently I’ll have a topic or theme to work with.  This makes it oh, so much easier for me to blog.

On my own blog, I’m in charge of the content, I’m in charge of the deadline, and without that external driver, I just don’t blog frequently.  I’d love to have the drive of John Scalzi or Elizabeth Bear.  I’d love to be as funny as Jim Hines or gee whiz informational as IO9 or Boing Boing.

I’m a fiction writer.  I spend my days in the soup of story and character.  I think about Norse gods and giants, black smiths and social ramifications of killing dragons in a modern world.  Thinking about something to post on my blog rarely surfaces through the layer upon layer of story I carry around in my head.  So, thankfully, there are awesome blogs like Genreality,, Grasping for the Wind, SF Signal, SFFWorld, Ranting Dragon, the Skiffy and Fanty Show (also a podcast) and a whole host of book bloggers, science bloggers, culture warriors, political wonks and generalists to keep me and the world entertained and informed.  Unfortunately they could also take every ounce of free time I have and keep me fascinated and engaged — but not writing.  I have to strike a balance between curiosity and obsession.

But the fiction comes first after the day job, the family and a modicum of sleep. Blogging is a lower priority for me, but once I’ve done it, I’m always relieved.  It’s a great feeling expressing oneself publicly. I just need to make sure my fly is buttoned and I have my sunscreen on before stepping into the limelight.

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