September 11th, 2012 by Charlene Teglia
Interviewed by Sasha

Following Genreality’s current theme week, here are my answers to Sasha’s interview questions.

1) Do you write every day? 5 days a week? Only on weekends?
Every day. Not always fiction, in fact I can go long periods of time without writing fiction, but writing is daily. I can’t think straight otherwise.

2) What comes first for you, usually. the character, or the story Idea?
That depends. I’ve started with character, but really nothing ever gets going until there’s a story idea to go with it. And the story idea usually at least in part defines the character.

3) Do you/can you work on more than one project/idea at a time?
Yes, and it helps keep me from getting stuck. Work on one project, hit a snag, switch, keep going.

4) Favorite mode of getting the words down…desktop, laptop, Alphasmart, pen and paper?
Laptop, since I usually have to move around to keep an eye on kids.

5) What do you feel is your biggest strength as a writer?
Stubborn persistence.

6) Do you have a Dream Project or idea that’s sitting int he back of your mind that you hold there as a “someday I’ll write that” sort of thing?
I always have an idea backlog that maybe I don’t have the time for or I don’t have certain critical pieces in place to get started yet. I don’t know that there’s anything that qualifies as a “dream project”, unless it’s a book that is easy to write and everybody loves and sells a bazillion copies. In reality, all books pose challenges once they go from unformed idea state to actual work in progress.

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