September 29th, 2012 by Ken Scholes
Full Time Writerhood:  What Lies Ahead

Happy Saturday and Howdy Folks!

I’m on my second day as a full time writer.  Yesterday was lost to wide ranging emotion and exhaustion from a long week so today is feeling a bit like my first day really waking up and realizing that I am now a full time writer.  I’ve accomplished a significant dream — one that I’ve gone back and forth on over the course of my life.  But here, as I approach 45 years old, it feels good to have reached this place.

This first full week is going to be unusual.  My close friend Jay Lake is back for his third round of chemo and one of the things I’m doing to help out is fly east and help his girlfriend, Lisa, drive to Portland as she moves west to be close to him.  We’ll spend about 12 hours per day on the road driving in shifts and I’ll spend some of my non-driving shifts working on a short story that I’m very late on.  It should be a good trip but I’m sure it will be a long one, too.

Once I’m home, I’ll be cleaning out the Den of Ken to de-clutter it and get it ready for me to spend my days in it.  I”ll be keeping the same schedule — up and biking by 3am, working by about 4:30am once the coffee is working and the miles are behind me.  I’m not sure how long my workdays will be but whatever words I need will be frontloaded into the early hours of the day; the second half will be business stuff or secondary projects if I find I’m able to multi-task.  I’m not sure how novels will go exactly; I’ll be looking to some of my pro-friends who are full time to get a sense from them whether it’s better to just write, write, write solely on the novel or stick to 2.5k per day and work other projects around it if my brain lets me.  Then of course, there’s blogging, email, interviews, saying yes or no to invitations, filling out con surveys, research.  So we’ll see how that goes.

As to projects, after the short story I have a novelette that I need to draft for a Yet To Be Announced Project.  I also have a few short story collaborations I’d like to wrap up. Those will likely carry through the holidays.  Businesswise, thanks to a volunteer fan, the new will be up and ready soon.  I’m trying to make some decisions about things like blogging.  Some folks have been asking me to bring back Discombobulated Pensivity in the Doublewide of Life, my old LJ blog.  I’ve typically not blogged much because I’ve been working a dayjob and have put most of my energy into just trying to get words and stay on top of more important things.

By Thanksgiving, I need to be re-reading the first four books in the Psalms of Isaak and starting to build my plan for Hymn.  I’m going to work off of some kind of outline this time just to make sure I get everything into the last of the series.  I’ve left a lot of pistols on mantles throughout the books and I need make sure they’re all fired before the end of the story.

I’ll spend part of December creating my production calendar and business goals for 2013.  Then, in January I’ll start drafting Hymn with the aim of finishing in three months. Once it’s turned in, I think I”ll tackle my first YA novel (I’ve started reading some YA books to get some ideas and study up.)  And somewhere in all of that, I have a Named Lands novelette and my Last Cowboy at the End of Time project.  I’ll get that all sorted out as I plot my work for the calendar year.  I also have a new epic fantasy series to pitch to Tor.  This one may be open ended but written in three book arcs.  I’m not sure yet.  But I think it will be grittier.

So…here I am at the front end of another stretch.  A new chapter.  It’s been a really hard week but I feel good about where I’m standing right now.  And I think the future is so bright I might need to go find some sunglasses to wear at night.

Trailer Boy out.



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