October 30th, 2012 by Sasha White
Changes, and a chance to win.

I wanted to share this blog post with you that I wrote back in August. I didn’t share it back then, because I often feel like it’s tempting Karma to say when I don’t enjoy a book. It’s a silly superstition. I mean, just because I’m an author doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions as a reader, right?

Anyway, last week I was having a conversation with some friends about the state of publishing and the choices that are available to authors, and how what might be the wrong choice for one person is the right one for another. One of the points of our conversation was on how in just a year, the general opinion of self-publishing has changed. I think that’s partly due to the success of some self-published stories, and the level of quality of self-published stories rising. Then. yesterday I was clearing out some files from my “Notes” folder, and I saw this post below, and realized that while I couldn’t even remember what book it was I’d just finished reading when I wrote this, the point is still a valid one.

I just finished reading a short story ebook that left with very mixed feelings. Why? Because it could’ve been a fantastic story, and it wasn’t. The idea was good, the characters were good, the writing was very good, and the book was clean of typos and errors. So what kept it from being great, in my opinion?

It was careless.

Let me explain what I saw when I read this story.

I was hooked for the first three or four scenes. I liked the character, the set up, the authors voice. Then it started to fall apart for me, and it went downhill fast.

The story jumped from sex scene to sex scene, with no emotions aside from arousal being displayed, no thoughts that weren’t sexual happening within any of the characters narrative. Phrases were repeated over and over – the heroes hand “ran up her thigh” no less than four times in four paragraphs. There were two couples, separate sex scenes, one right after the other, and both women nipped the guy’s bottom lip during the first kiss, and both guys responded by lifting her, and spinning around to brace them on a surface (counter top, and against the wall). The main characters, who were all supposed to be experienced BDSM lifestylers said and did things that made me think that there hadn’t been any real research done. And the ending was very abrupt. Not in the way that made me think…“Damn, that was too short. I want more.” but in the way that made me think…“Well, that sucked.”

Now, the point of this post is not to run down another authors work, because honestly, I think it was the editor who slacked off on this one. I wish I’d had a chance to edit it, because I really think if someone had pointed these things out to the author, it would’ve been dealt with easily.

In my opinion this was a clear case of an editor doing a fabulous job on grammar and line editing, but a shit job on helping the author make the story the best it could be. Yes, it’s the authors job to make the story rock, but it’s also part of the editors job to help us make it better. That’s what I think anyway.

The sad thing about this is that this was not a self-pubbed story where you think…the author should’ve hired a professional editor. It was from one of the top ePublishers around. ANd this leads me to wonder what changes the next year is going to bring to the world of publishing.

Care to speculate? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and theories. Share yours in the comments, and be entered for a chance to win a download of any of my available books, or a signed print copy of Primal Male, the second book in my Hunter Protection Group sereis.

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4 comments to “Changes, and a chance to win.”

  1. Tanya
     · October 30th, 2012 at 5:27 pm · Link

    I struggle with buying self pub for that reason but lately have found good books as self pub but have bought several paperbacks that I couldn’t figure out how they sold. Odd world. It is a changing.

  2. flchen1
     · October 31st, 2012 at 11:28 pm · Link

    Wow, what a disappointment, Sasha :( I do think that it’s writers and editors working together to bring great stories to light. I’m not sure whether I’ve noticed a change in the books overall I’ve been reading, but I sure will be thinking more on that now! Overall it’s been exciting to see how much the industry has been changing, but that means good and bad changes at times :)

  3. Mary Preston
     · November 3rd, 2012 at 6:17 am · Link

    While I appreciate that some writers want to go for self pub, I need the quality to be there. I want a story to be the best it can be.

  4. Erin the Innocent
     · November 10th, 2012 at 12:17 am · Link

    I’ve read a few e-books lately that I’ve hated – and hated the fact that I hated the books. Because they SHOULD have been awesome. I liked the characters. I liked the premises. The books though? Bored the crap out of me. I was bitter (am bitter) that I am out money for them. Oh and they were published with well established e-book publishers. A couple of different ones too so I can’t place blame with one publisher.

    It’s frustrating and it makes me wary of trying new authors sometimes. Which is unfortunate.


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