September 28th, 2011 by Bob Mayer
Change for Writers part 1– the key to succeeding in today’s market

Excerpt from Write It Forward: From Writer to Successful Author
“In war everything is simple, but even the simple is difficult.”  Carl von Clausewitz.

If you aren’t where you want to be, then you must CHANGE. How many people do you know who have really changed? Your answer will ultimately depend on what you think change is.

I can tell you what change isn’t. CHANGE is not simply thinking differently. Thinking doesn’t change anything in the world outside of your mind. Here comes my next paradox, though—the first step of change is to think differently. Note, I say it is the first step.

An official definition of change is to make or become different. There’s a big difference between the verbs make and become. It’s the difference between being ordinary and successful.

Make it externally imposed.

Become is internally motivated.

The successful become.

Can people change? If the answer to that is no, then there is no purpose to this and we all might as well quit now. There’s good news, though, since history has proven that people CAN change.  However, change is very difficult and very few people can manage to achieve great change in their life and sustain it. These people are the successful.

Do you have confidence that you know how to CHANGE?

Special Forces Assessment and Selection Thought: To become is hard; to be is even harder.

The Three Steps of Change

  1. You have a moment of enlightenment
  2. You make a decision to take a different course of action from what you have been doing
  3. Commitment to your decision leads to sustained action, which brings about permanent change

EXERCISE: Which of the three parts of change do you think you have the greatest difficulty with?

Most people tend to say Sustained Action.  However, if you really examine yourself, you might find that isn’t your real problem.  For example, I have a hard time making a decision.  Once I make a decision, I’m very good at sustained action.  Here is the key: you must not only figure out what step of change you have the most difficulty with, you also have to determine why that step is your problem.  The reason I have problems making decisions is because I’m afraid of making a mistake.  So do you see how the underlying fear is the thing you must uncover?  We’ll discuss fear more under the next TOOL: COURAGE.

But next week, more on change.

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