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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 by Sasha White
What do you think?

I have some self-published stories available. They’re short novellas that are connected to my Hunter stories from Aphrodisia. They’re not selling well, and I’m pretty disappointed about it. Of course I want to make some money, because I’d like to keep writing, but also because  I really love the stories. Still Sexy was super fun to write because not only are Gina and Caleb super hot, but because they’re the couple that started off the whole Hunter Protectionseries in SEXY DEVIL. HIGHLAND HEAT came about after readers met Dougal in that story and wanted to know more about him.

When they weren’t selling well I asked some friends, who are doing very well with self publishing, what I could do to boost those sales. One thing they said was I needed to repackage them. Even though the stories were connected, there was nothing visually to connect them to each other, not the cover, not the titles, nothing except a mention in the blurb.  Good point, right? Especially when readers seem to love connected stories.
Here are the orignal covers, so you can see what I’ve done.

Now, as much as I love both covers, what my friends was very true. They don’t look like connected stories, and they’re a bit dark. Plus, I was informed that the title ROCK MY WORLD made some readers think the story might be about a rock star of some sort. Which it really doesn’t. To me it was Rock My World as in, “Wow, that dude rocked my world!” But, again, it made sense.

So, new cover and new title for that that would really help connect it to SEXY DEVIL since that’s the book where the H/h first met.  STILL SEXY seemed perfect. With Highland Heat I redid the cover, keeping the original image, but lightening it up, and taking away the Alluring Tales connection and adding the small note  a Hunter Protection Group story on both covers, giving them more f a visual connection.

So, the new covers…


What do you think? You like?