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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 by Bob Mayer
New Release: I,Judas: The Fifth Gospel and how real marketing works

On Monday, my latest novel, I, Judas: The Fifth Gospel was released exclusive to Barnes & Noble via Nook First.  Let me tell you a little bit about the book and then talk about where I think the best bang for the time is regarding marketing for authors.

What if Judas is still alive, hidden away in the jungles of the Amazon, waiting for the Second Coming?

As a massive object appears in space heading directly toward Earth, the Brotherhood heralds it as Wormwood, one of the signs the Rapture and it’s just three days away.  They have been preparing to implement the Great Commission as designated by Jesus—where everyone on the planet must hear the word of God before the end in order to be saved.  They will use advanced technology to send that message directly into the minds of every human on the planet.  The question is:  will the message kill everyone who gets it or save them?

Believing him to be the anti-Christ, they also send a team of assassins up the Amazon to find the Great Betrayer and kill him before Armageddon.

Opposing the Brotherhood is the Triumvirate of the Illuminati.  They believe they must stop the Great Commission and the assassination team.  At the same time they rush to gather nuclear weapons and launch missiles into space to divert the Intruder, as they call the object, believing it to be a natural phenomenon over which technology will prevail.

Three survivors do finally make it to Judas, and he tells them a story, the true story of what happened over two millennia ago.  And what is approaching.

As the object nears Earth, both sides become locked in a world-wide battle for the future of the human race, as Judas prepares in the jungle for the Second Coming, the fulfillment of his Fifth Gospel.

Which is not at all what anyone expects.

Now, let’s talk about marketing.  I believe most authors are spinning their wheels on a lot of social media that has little effect.  Often it’s an incestuous relationship.  We want to sell books to readers, not writers.  Not that writers don’t read.

After several years as an indie author/publisher let me list what I think is effective:  commenting on other people’s blogs.  They read the comments on their own blogs.

Going to industry events and meeting people face to face.  We can become overly reliant on social media.  I just took a 6 am flight from here to NYC and caught a 9 pm flight back home just to spend one day walking the floor at BEA.  It will pay off big time.

No matter how much and how many you can reach with social media, this is still a people business.