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Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 by Sasha White
I’m late, I’m late….

DOes the title sound familiar? Yes, one of my favorite reads is Alice in Wonderland. So I’ll start my Reading post for this Theme week with that.
WHat else will I read this summer?
I just finished Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep and I enjoyed it, but I’m really not much for YA. I like this series because the kids are pretty kick-ass, and it’s set in the same world as her Elemental Assassin series. Which leads me to the next Gin Blanco book. Widow’s Web will be out in August.

I also finally had the time to pick Breaking Point off my TBR pile, and catch up with Pamela Clare’s I-Team. If you haven’t been reading these and you enjoy romantic suspense, you really should.Start here.

Offhand I can;t really think of anything else I’m waiting for…but chances are real good I’ll reread some of the InDeath books by J.D. Robb. I like to do that every now and then. Or maybe some of the first Stephanie Plum books. I like to reread the first 7 every now and then as well.

I’m looking for some new to me authors to try out though..anyone have any suggestions. I’ll read pretty much any genre except historical. :)