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Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 by Ken Scholes
Trailer Boy Brainstorming

Howdy Folks and Happy Saturday.

I should be writing my second part in the writer’s block series.  Except I just realized it’s late Friday night and I’ve managed to somehow space out my Genreality post until now.  And I’m too tired to cook up something very clever.

Instead I thought we’d practice generating story ideas.

So I’m pulling some words at random…this time from Richard Adams’ Watership Down.

And our words are:  Mouse stole prince.

(Come on.  You know you want to join me.  I dare you.)  What can we do with this?

They called him Mouse because of his size; he was so fat he needed a special stool.  And during the day, when he worked the timber in the hills above Derrytown, Clampys and his wife kept a mousetrap on said stool so no one would commit the grave sin of sullying it with their unwelcome ass.  And at the end of the day, when Mouse came roaring in for his beer dinner, the trap was scooped up and set aside to make way for the stool’s full and rightful occupant.

Hmmmm.  I like that.  Now, what to do with Mouse?  He needs to steal a prince.  Why?  For a girl.  Maybe Mouse loves her and she loves the prince so Mouse.  So he sets out to abduct the prince for her.  That could work.  And maybe it goes badly.  Or maybe, at the end of it all, the prince is really quite fed up with being a prince and feels so grateful for Mouse for liberating him that takes him on as his bodyguard and sets out for some hare-brained adventure.  But not before faking his own death and making it look like Mouse murdered him…to insure that the big lumberjack stays with him and keeps him safe.

And maybe the hare-brained adventure is to steal something really cool from someone really dangerous, leading to more and more complications.

Considering I pulled those words out of a book ten minutes ago, I seem to have something that might be fun here.

So now it’s your turn.  You take those words.  Go dream up something.  Mouse stole prince. 

I dare you.

Trailer Boy out.