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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 by HelenKay Dimon
Release Anxiety

This is a release week for me. My book, WHEN SHE WASN’T LOOKING, came out on Tuesday. Release week is always a bit scary. While I’m excited the book is out there and people are reading it, there is still an overriding sense of panic. You know the one. It’s the will anyone like it feeling. Since the book is a Harlequin Intrigue and six Intrigues release at the same time, I get the additional will everyone read all the other Intirgues and skip mine panic.

Ah, isn’t it great to be paranoid and excited at the same time? No.

In honor of my historical release time craziness I’ve set some groundrules. Keep in mind, I break these rules pretty often, but in theory these are smart:

1. Do not obsessively check the Amazon and B&N rankings of the book. Logically, I don’t even know what these ranks translate to in terms of sales and they can jump pretty far based on a few sales, so there’s no need to watch them. In reality, there’s so little else to track, so it’s hard not to track these.

2. Never, under any circumstances, read the Amazon reviews for the book. You can imagine how often I obey this one. I am nosy, after all. I have, however, trained myself to look at the number of stars and figure out if I really want to read. For example, gettng a one star because the reader is upset the book wasn’t a children’s book – and this has happened many times – is not something I spend a lot of time worrying about.

3. Turn off Google Alerts. Someone out there will say something nasty and that is the only alert I will get, so best to ignore them all. Then there’s the alert you get before the book is even out about how to get a pirated version of book. Makes my eye twitch.

4. Let it go. The reality is I’ve written books since this one and at the time I wrote the one coming out I wrote the best book I could. If I would write a different scene or whatever today, that’s tough. The official release day is today but I released it long ago.

5. Keep writing. This one I actually obey pretty regularly. The best thing to do to keep from worrying about the one out now is to keep writing the best I can on the one in front of me.

There you go. My survival tips. These and chocolate (or your favorite snack) and goods friends you can whine to. Perfection.