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Saturday, August 20th, 2011 by Ken Scholes
WorldCon Diary

Yep, here I am in Reno.  Happy Saturday, Folks.  It actually IS Saturday this time, too.  None of that sneaky writing my post well in advance sort of thing I’ve been up to.  Why?

WorldCon.  I’ve been here since Wednesday after road-tripping down with my pal Jerry.  We left Portland to the strains of Neil Young’s Harvest and rotated through about ten CDs on our eleven hour drive.  Jerry’s easy to travel with.

We hit town in the afternoon, I got fitted for my tux, and then got checked in at the Peppermill.  Since then, it’s been a mad rush of people and events…to the point where when I close my eyes I see the con much the same way you see the road after a long day of driving.  I’m having a great time but it’s costing me some energy.  I’ve seen way to many people to list them all.

My reading was on Thursday.  I read “One Small Step” and it went over well.  I also went through the Hugo ceremony script with Jay and the production team.  Then, Jay and I had dinner with our editor, Beth.  After, I had dessert with the copyeditor who worked on Canticle and Antiphon.  Then, I hit a few parties and headed back to my room.  Of course, scattered throughout the day were the hundreds of people I bumped into.

Friday started with Jerry and I breakfasting at the hotel and then heading over to the convention center.  I signed stock at the Fairwood Press table for Patrick, then had a small, intimate kaffeeklatsche followed by a failed nap attempt.  I had my two panels back to back and had a great time with both.  And of course there were more meals in there with wonderful people.

Now, I’m in bed with my laptop.  The alarm’s set.  Tomorrow, it’s breakfast, then an autograph session, a rehearsal and…the Big Event.  Nervous?  A little.  Not a lot.  It should be fun.  Exhausting, but fun.  I never, ever imagined me co-MCing the Hugo’s.  But here we go!  And if you’re reading this on Saturday, you can even watch Jay and I and everyone else over here.

After that, it’s the party scene for a few hours and then back to my room to get some sleep.  We’re heading out pretty early on Sunday, I expect.  And I’ll be ready.  But I will surely have had a good time here at Worldcon.