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Thursday, March 31st, 2011 by Candace Havens
It’s never the same

I’ve talked about this before, but every time I write a book it’s different. I never seem to come at it the same way twice. When I wrote my first book, Charmed & Dangerous, the majority of it was done long hand and then transferred to a computer. Everything was chronological. The second book in that series, Charmed & Ready, was chronological too but all on the computer. It was The Demon King and I where I discovered that I could write the end first if I wanted to. It seemed like such a crazy idea, but it worked. Dragons Prefer Blondes I wrote scenes that came to me, and then I had to put them all together.

With She Who Dares, Wins (In Stores Now), it was more or less chronological. Though, I would occasionally skip around. That book I wrote down the bones really fast, which I usually do, then then I went back and layered and layered. Not just revisions, adding depth and really fleshing out the characters.

Truth and Dare, the book that is coming up in May, I wrote their first love scene. Patience and Cade were so vivid in my head and they just couldn’t wait to get at one another.

My November release, The Model Marine, that I’m working on now began with the idea of a runway show and took off from there. I couldn’t quite seem to figure out chapter two. It was driving me crazy. So I skipped to the next thing I did know. Well, not really. Hannah was taking Will to a club. I didn’t know until they arrived that it was a blues club. I also didn’t know until well into that chapter that Will played the blues and he was damn good at it. Once I had that scene, the whole book seemed to solidify for me and flew out of my head and to my fingers almost faster than I could type.

I’d never really plotted until the last year or so. It isn’t really plotting. I use Jim Butcher’s arch, and basically have tics with scenes I know need to go in the book and the major turning points. But it does help. Still, I like not knowing much about my characters and discovering them as I go along.

My point is, never be afraid to shake things up a little. Try something new you learn in a class. Or follow a train of thought that might sound a little crazy at first.

Have you tried something new and it worked? Doesn’t have to be just about writing. :)

Tell me, I really want to know.