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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 by Sasha White
Emotions make the story.

Last week I blogged about how to write hot…and what NOT to do when trying to heat up your stories. I admit it, I’ve been reading a lot lately, and too often the stories have disappointed me because of flat characters, cliched storylines and over-the-top sex scenes. With that in mind when I found out one of my go-to authors had anew release, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. And I was so not disappointed.

With that in mind I thought I’d share some thoughts on the story, and why I thought it worked so well.

Full of raw emotions that tug at your heartstrings Beg Me is an incredible story.

Erotic at times and heartbreaking at others this short story will grab hold of you and not let you go until it’s all said and done.  Beg Me is certainly not going to be for everyone. The heroine enjoys rough sex, and rape fantasies – until she’s actually raped. This information is in the story blurb, so I’m not ruining anything for you, but what I want to point out is that it’s hard for most people to think erotic thoughts about a story where rape – real and fantasy- are the basis for the story. There’s no denying it has some rough scenes that some people will be both shocked and angry about, but it’s all part of the story. Not once did I feel any of it was there for shock value, or simply to push the envelope. The characters were real, and human and flawed. The hero and the heroine were also courageous and strong and sexual beings. They were full of emotion, all sorts of emotions, not just love and lust and happily ever after type fantasy romance feelings. This fact made all of their emotions feel real to me as I read the story-the fear, the anger, the desire and the love.

It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable, and I admit there was a time when I had to force myself not to skim ahead, but it was worth it. The most amazing thing for me was that during that scene my heart wasn’t breaking for the heroin, but for the hero.  I’m not gong not say more on that that because I feel this is a story you need to read completely to form your own opinions on.   The emotional connection between the characters, and between me the reader, and them, is what made the story erotic.

I highly recommend BEG ME to those who understand that it’s fiction, and everything that happens in the story is between consenting adults- and to anyone who wants to see an example of how any story can be erotic, when you focus on the characters and emotions, and not the number of sex scenes.