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Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by Charlene Teglia
NaNo is lurching to the finish line

It’s getting close to the final push in NaNoWriMo, the month dedicated to the crazy idea that you can actually write a book if you sit down and do it every day for a month. And actually, you can. Not so crazy, but this week there’s a national holiday in the US and family members frown on writers who hole up on holidays instead of coming out to eat pie (and possibly bake the pie).

Some ways to get through the final NaNo push:

1. Keep your doc open. When you have five minutes, write.

2. Don’t try to write when you should be enjoying time with your family. You can always get some words in after everybody goes to bed, or just set a time to go write, then put it aside when your time’s up. In other words, separate your writing time and social time and don’t make yourself nuts trying to do both at the same time, or sacrificing one for the other.

3. If you don’t make your target by the end of the month, look at how much progress you made and the good habits you’ve established. Since it takes 3 weeks to set a new habit, you’ve done the hard part in learning to be disciplined about writing. Keep going when Nov. is over!

Happy NaNo everybody, and happy Turkey Day to those in the US, and to all of you writing, you rock, whether you hit your goal or not. You did something most people never do who want to write someday; you made someday now.