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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 by Sasha White
Boot meet butt

Someone posted today on facebook(or maybe they tweeted it, it’s all a blur to me) that they though the more books they wrote the easier it would get, but the reverse is true. Each book gets harder than the last. I’m pretty sure it was facebook because I remember “liking” the comment-meaning I agree 100%. Either way, the point is, that writing doesn’t get easier the more you do it.

It might get easier to write every day, or whatever schedule you’re trying to keep yourself on. The habit might become more ingrained, but the actual writing doesn’t get any easier. My theory on this is because we all want each book to be better than the last. All good writers should. Even if you think your last book was the best you’ve every written, you still want the next to be even better, and this is not a bad thing. Striving to be better is good!

But sometimes the writing isn;t hard because we don’t think we’re doing good. Sometimes it’s simply because we’re tired, or lacking in inspiration. Thats when it becomes clear that if you want a career as an author, you have to treat it like a job. Sure you can call in sick or play hooky and noone will call you on it, but it won’t get you anywhere. If you want this, you have to fight for it.

That means finding ways to inspire yourself when you need to. Some of the things that work for me are movies and music. Sometimes reading will help, and sometimes I just need to go stand in the shower with the lights off, (something about a dark room with the noise of the shower covering the noise of everything else going on helps me think-is that wierd?) Other times I’ll surf the net in search of inspiration.

One of the sites I always stop off at is Marjorie Liu’s blog. Strangely, I think I’ve only ever read one of her novels. I keep meaning to read more but I never seem to get to them. I love her blog though. Her energy and her love for creative and beautiful things shines through and I always find something inspiring.

Yesterday I was struggling, and I went to her blog, and read this….

Great article on writing. I suppose it was meant for NaNoWriMo, but its suggestions for how to tackle your book, first draft, whatever you want to call it, all still hold true.

You want to know how most writers fuck up? Seriously, here it is — the fatal flaw of the writer: we are lazy no-goodniks, forever hopping from project to project. We’re like meth addicts, our dopamine centers blown to ragged tatters, forever in search of the next high. Except, writing can’t be about the high. It can’t be about that one great day of word count. It also has to be about all the shitty ones. What NaNoWriMo will give you is discipline: the ability to staple-gun your shit-can to a chair every single day and pound the keyboard the same way a beat cop pounds pavement. It can’t get done unless it gets done.

Yup. That’s pretty much it

Sure, she’s quoting another article, but I might never have found that article if not for her doing that…and honestly, I didn’t even go read the article….everything I needed to hear at that moment was in that post.

I thought there might be some others out there searching for inspiration, or just needing a metaphorical kick in the butt, so I thought I’d pass it along here. And maybe next time you find yourself searching for inspiration, you’ll visit Marjorie’s site, or come here. After all, we all need a little kick in the pants every now and then. 😈