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Thursday, October 14th, 2010 by Sasha White
My 5 Tips For Writers

I’ve never been a big fan of rules, in anything. However, I’ve always had my own opinions on things. I’m great at giving advice, just ask anyone who knows me. Following it on the other hands, isn’t always my thing. I even find it hard to follow my own advice sometimes. In fact, my own advice is usually the hardest to follow. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my Favorite Tips for Writers.

These tips are ones that I DO follow, and I figure if I can follow them, anyone who has a true desire to be a writer mind also find them easy to follow.

Sasha’s Top Tips for Writers
1) Write regularly.
I’m not a fan of the write every day school of thought. I don’t write every day. For a while I tried to make myself write every day, but I found that I just stressed myself out because I’d spend hours staring at a blank screen or letting myself be distracted by blogs, games, and playing with photos. What I have learned is that if I designate one (or 2) full days a week to only writing, I get a lot more done. So most days I work on my blog posts, my reading, research, catch up on tv shows, work my night job, have lunch with friends….whatever. I have a life on those days. Then on my designated day (or days) all I do is write. I get up focussed, I turn the ringer off the phone, I don’t go online, and I write.

This works for me. Sometimes its one day a week, sometimes two. The deeper I get into a story, the more time i spend on it. The key is that I don’t pressure myself to write every day, just every week. And that allows me to find more balance, and be more focussed when I DO sit down to write.

2) Don’t wait for inspiration.
It’s greta to be inspired, but you can’t depend on it. The only thing you can depend on is yourself. So instead of looking for inspiration, why not think about how what you write might inspire someone else?

3) Carry a notepad -or have one on your phone/iPod.
Just because you shouldn’t wait for inspiration doesn’t mean you can’t use it when it strikes, and inspiration almost always strikes when you’re doing anything other than writing. So always carry something to jot down notes on.

4)Finish what you start.
There are few things that can compare to, or encourage , a writer like finishing a project can. Be it a book, a short story, a special blog post…get in the habit of finishing things. It’s a good habit.

5) Follow your instinct.
It’s great to have beta readers, or critique partners, but always remember that what you’re writing is your work. Those are your characters. It’s your story, and it’s going to have your name on it. Follow your instincts and don’t be afraid to ignore someone’s input or buck a trend.