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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 by Sasha White
Behind the Book.

Since I’m late for work because I forgot it was tuesday… Here’s an excerpt. and a bit of Behind the scenes form one of my books. MY PREROGATIVE. (WHich is currently a Bargain Book at amazon)

I’ve been a waitress/bartender on and off for 20 years now. I’ve worked in restaurants, pubs, lounges and nightclubs. The time I worked in Nightclubs gives me some of my best memories, and my worst.

Kelsey, the main character in MY PREROGATIVE, is a bartender in a nightclub, and she’s right when she says…a bartender is just as much entertainer as drink master.

Here’s an example of what she’s talking about…

On Monday night the energy was high at Risqué Nightclub and I was rockin’ it out behind the bar. The heavy beat of the music had my blood pumping and my hips swinging as I poured drinks and collected money with an ease born of too many years on the job. The holiday was over, and I was back in the swing of real life.
“Next!” I called out as one customer turned away from the bar with a paralyzer in each hand.
A good-looking, muscle-bound guy stepped up to the bar with a big grin. “Hey, baby. We missed you here last week,” he said.
“Sorry, Jack.” I flashed him my patented wicked grin. “I was too busy lying naked on a beach in Jamaica to come to work.”
The bouncer from one of the downtown clubs hooted, his eyes roving over my chest appreciatively.
“I wish I’d been there. Maybe you’ll show me your lack of tan lines later?” His eyebrows jumped suggestively and I laughed.
“It was a good time. What can I get you tonight?”
Just then a second hottie stepped up to the bar. “C’mon Jack. Drinks now, flirt later.”
“Back off,” Jack snapped at his friend and I bit back another laugh.
Jack smiled at me and ordered a couple of beers before turning and mumbling something to his buddy. The guy probably wasn’t even twenty-five, but Jack had been flirting with me for months. Every time he came into the bar he asked me to go home with him at the end of the night. It was flattering, and I’d been tempted to take him up on it a time or two, but I’d learned my lesson years ago. Fucking the regulars was a bad idea.
Plus, I wondered if he knew that I was ten years older than him if he’d still give it a shot. Or maybe he did know, and that was my appeal. Maybe he wanted to be schooled by an older woman.
I gave a mental shrug. Stranger things had happened.
Setting the two beers on the bar, I quirked an eyebrow at the boys. “Any shots to get your juices flowing?”
That was all it took. Jack ordered three tequilas, straight up.
One of the keys to the bar making money, is shooters. Sex On The Beach, Blow Jobs, Porn Stars, Tequila, Gladiators, Sambuca…and most customers didn’t know until they walked up to the bar that they really wanted a shot. It was my job to lead the way by making sure they associated drinking shots with a damn good time.
I pulled the bottle out of the ice well and with a flip of the wrist spun it around my hand until it was upside down and filling the lined up shot glasses. I dropped it back into the well and smiled. “Twenty seven even, Jack.”
He handed me the money and nudged a tequila closer to me. “For you.” He and his friend picked up the other two, we clinked glasses and shot them back. The slight burn down my throat was pleasant and my insides warmed.
“Thank you, gentlemen.”
Jack’s friend leaned on the bar and put his hand over mine. “Now that the drinks are out of the way, what’s your name, sweetness?”
Oooh, this one thought he was a real stud.
Jack gestured to his friend. “Kelsey, this idiot is my buddy Dave, visiting for a week from back home. Dave, Kelsey’s the shit. Don’t mess with her.”
With a wink at Jack, I leaned forward and smiled pretty for Dave. “And I’m definitely not sweet, little boy.”
“I’d be happy to prove that I’m anything but little,” he tossed back with a chuckle and a leer worthy of a true pervert.
There was a clear light of intrigue in his eyes. The guy was good-looking, but it was obvious he wasn’t used to having to work for his women. Which just made me want to work him up some more and turn him down.
Yeah, I could be a real tease when I wanted.
“Size doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do with it.”
“Let me show you what I can do with it.”
“Dude, Kelsey don’t do pretty boys like you.” Jack said. “Leave her alone so she can do her job.”
I winked at Jack and blew him a kiss as he pulled his friend away from the bar. Dave would be back to take another run at me, some guys could never resist a challenge, especially the young, cocky ones.

I still work nights, but it’s a bit different in a pub than a nightclub, and I think people who’ve never worked full on nights, especially in a nightclub, just don’t understand the way it can sometimes feel as if you live in a completely different world than everyone else.

Your mindset is different, your needs, your attitude about a lot of things… however, somethings are universal. Male /female, day/night, we all want to find our pace in the world. And I hope Kelsey’s story shows that to readers.

Shooters from Kesley’s Guide to Bartending:
Sex On The Beach
3/4 Pear Liquer
1/4 Baileys

Layer with Bailey’s on top.

Blow Job
3/4 Crème De Cacao
1/4 Baileys

Layer with Baileys on top, then add a sprinkle of cinnamon to garnish

Porn Star
1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1/2 oz Sour Puss® raspberry liqueur

Pour both ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a shot glass, and serve.

Straight up, with a salt shaker and lime on the side.

1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1/2 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
2 oz orange juice
2 oz 7 Up

Pour amaretto and southern comfort into Shot glass.
Pour OJ and 7 in a short highball glass
Drop shot into the glass and shoot it all back at once.