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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 by Sasha White
Support… we all need it.

On Friday Rosemary didi a great post about the mixmaster of over thinking, and with it she linked to this map….The Scenic Route.

I totally get what she was talking about, as I’ve really been overthinking things lately. However, another part of the map really caught my attention. The home stretch.

After the sign that says “Honestly, Is this any good?” you see spectator stands full of family and friends cheering you on. Then there’s more doubt signs, and next to them are more spectator stands with a sign that says Peer Support, and only one person sits there.

This really struck me.

It’s easy to give superficial support by chatting with each other, or cross-promoting releases and talking up a ‘friends’ book, but finding a truly supportive base of peers who will be there during the rough times as well as the smooth times is not so easy. It’s one of the reasons I started this group blog, and why we’re all here- we really wanted to build a place where authors shared and came together to help educate and cheer others on, all the while being honest about the realities of this career path we’ve chosen.

I think we’ve succeeded. My fellow Generality authors aren’t people I talk to every day, or even every week. We don’t critique for each other, and we don’t even really promote each other, or this blog. Yet, they are my support group. When I need information, or honest opinions on anything, I ask, and they give. When I feel doubt stirring or I’m struggling with an issue, I post about it on here and get encouraging comments from readers, as well private emails.

None of you, my fellow authors here or the commenters, are family or personal friends and yet, your sharing and support often does more for me than that the people who share my everyday life…. because it comes from the heart of those who understand.

I sincerely hope that I’m not the only one who feels that way about this community we’re building. I hope that when you’re on that final stretch and you look over at the peer support stands, you see all of us there. I know I do.