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Sunday, July 26th, 2009 by Sasha White
Sunday News

Changes are coming

First off is our new look…what do you think of it? :mrgreen:

Second, Alison Kent is going to take some time off from blogging with us here, as is Jason Pinter.  As wonderful as these two are, we all know that writing is work, and work means we have to sacrifice things sometimes.    As a fan of both of thier work, it’s okay with me if they take a break from blogging to catch up on actually writing a book or two.   Have no fear though, both are still part of Genreality, as alternates.

With these two taking a break, we’ve changed out lineup a little. Carrie Vaughn will now be posting on Mondays, and  we’re lining up Guest Bloggers for Wednesdays! Superagent Jenny Bent will be our first guest, on Wednesday August 5th.  (Keep an eye on the right sidebar under Wednesdays for updates on Guest Appearances) If there’s anyone you’d love to see guest here, speak up, and I’ll see what we can make happen.

More News. the winner from my Thursday post GROWING is BABETTE!

Babette, just email me your snail mail information and I’ll get your signed copy of MOST WANTED to you.

Have a great Sunday everyone!