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Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 by Sasha White
BIAM Status

Well, my BIAM status is the same as it was last week. Yep. I just had 6 days in a row off work from the bar, and despite the plan to write, I never even attempted to do so. Not once. *grin* TO be honest, I rarely even thought about writing. It’s okay though, have I never mentioned I tend to be a binge writer whose best under pressure? We’re not even close to our deadline of July 30th. I have plenty of time. PLus, I’ve had so much time lately when I haven;t been writing, but all I’ve done is think about writing, that this past week off really felt good. I wasn’t thinking or stressing or trying to plot and plan, I was just relaxing. And I do believe, getting ready mentally to write. It’s sort of felt like the quiet before the storm. :)

What did I do on my days off? Read. Yes, I read a lot. A couple of new books, but many of the ones off my keeper shelves. I just wanted to relax and enjoy, and fall in love with books again. I also did some photo work, and had dinner with the family. And got my balcony ready for summer by repainting the siding of my condo and planting some flowers and plants. I still want more plants, and I want to stain the railing on the balcony, and maybe lay down some permanent all season carpeting of some sort, but I’m not in a hurry to do that.

However, just because I didn’t write doesn’t mean I’m not going to crack the whip. Here’s the totals for those that reported in to me this week for the BIAM Challenge.

UPDATE on the BIAM Challenge…..Darlene is still kicking butt! (Don’t look back now Darlene, I’m coming for you…*grin*)

Darlene’s BIAM Goal: 90,000 words.
completed to date: 20, 372 words

Sasha’s BIAM Goal: 90,000 words
completed to date: 2,921 words

Babette’s BIAM Goal: 50,000 words
completed to date: 14,258

Those that didn’t check in, please feel free to post your progress in the comments.

I’m using my website to do some fundraising for the 5K RUN FOR THE CURE I’m doing in OCtober. In order to raise money, myself, and several other fabulous and very generous authors, have put up some prizes. The next draw is on July 15th, and these are the prizes…

A Writers Prize Package from me (Sasha White)
* Wishing Stones
* Inspirational Necklace (or is a male wins and prefers, a Handcrafted Glass Bead bookmark)
* Copy of Rebecca McClanahan’s Word Painting
* Sasha White padfolio
* Critique of Partial manuscript from me, (3 Chapters and synopsis) Sasha White.
(This might be handy to help stay motivated for our BIAM Challenge)

Fabulous YA author Darlene Ryan has donated copies of
Rules for Life
Saving Grace
and her latest, Five Minutes More
Along with a selection of Green and Black’s organic chocolate because it’s way more fun to lay around, read and eat chocolate.
(There’s information about the books on the main page of her website )

Visit my blog to see how you can enter to win these prizes, and more.